Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bush hammers Democrats on spending

NEW ALBANY, Ind. — President Bush, escalating his budget conflict with Congress, today vetoed a disbursement measurement for wellness and instruction programmes prized by congressional Democrats.

President Shrub moving ridges to the crowed after arriving in Louisville. - Michael Clevenger / The Courier-Journal

He also signed a large addition in the Pentagon's non-war budget although the White Person Person House complained it contained "some unneeded spending."The president's action was announced on Air Military Unit One as Shrub flew to New Albany, on the Buckeye State River across from Louisville, Ky., for a address criticizing the Democratic-led United States Congress on its budget priorities.The White House said the $606 billion instruction and wellness was loaded with 2,000 earmarks — lawmaker-sponsored projects that critics name pork-barrel disbursement — which Shrub desires stripped from the bill.It was 6th measure vetoed by Bush. United States United States Congress have overridden his veto only once, on a politically popular H2O undertakings measure.In extracts of his comments released in progress by the White Person House, Shrub hammered Democrats for what he called a tax-and-spend philosophy:"The Congress now sitting in American Capital throws this philosophy," Shrub said. "Their bulk was elected on a pledge of financial responsibility, but so far it is acting like a adolescent with a new recognition card."This twelvemonth alone, leadership in United States Congress are proposing to pass $22 billion more than than my budget provides," the president said. "Some of them claim this is not really much of a difference and the chilling portion is that they look to intend it."More than any other disbursement bill, the instruction and wellness measurement defines the differences between Shrub and bulk Democrats. The House drop three ballots short of winning a veto-proof margin as it sent the measurement to Bush.Rep. Saint David Obey, the Democratic president of the House Appropriations Committee, pounced immediately on Bush's veto."This is a bipartizan measure supported by over 50 Republicans," Obey said. "There have been virtually no unfavorable judgment of its contents. It is clear the lone ground the president vetoed this measure is pure politics."House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Shrub "again vetoed a bipartizan and fiscally responsible measure that computer addresses the precedences of the American people: instruction for our children, aid in paying skyrocketing energy costs, veterans' wellness care, and other pressing wellness research on malignant neoplastic disease and other serious medical problems. At the same time, President Shrub and his congressional allies demand 100s of millions of dollars for the warfare in Republic Of Iraq — none of it paid for."Since winning re-election, Shrub have sought to cut the labor, wellness and instruction measurement below the anterior twelvemonth level. But lawmakers have got rejected the cuts. The budget that Shrub presented in February sought almost $4 billion in cuts to this year's bill.Democrats responded by adding $10 billion to Bush's petition for the 2008 bill. Democrats state disbursement additions for domestic programmes are little compared with Bush's pending warfare petition totaling almost $200 billion.

1 Prime Minister -- Shrub rans into with Hoosier State community leaders President Shrub had a private luncheon today with a figure of local community leadership at Sam's Tavern in New Albany.

Among those joining Shrub were U.S. Rep. Baron Hill, former U.S. Rep. Microphone Sodrel, golf player Fuzzed Zoeller and Sandra Patterson-Randles, the premier at Hoosier State University Southeast.

Bush also greeted some other clients as he walked through the tavern.Bush said he talked to the community leadership about their concerns. He said he cognizes people are having to cover with high energy terms and that he appreciates "the spirit of entrepreneurship that exists" in the community.Protesters and protagonists of President Shrub shared the sou'-east corner of Depository Financial Institution and Market Streets in business district New Capital Of New York today, waiting for the president to get at the Thousand theater.Paul Sparks, a retired William Clark County homebuilder, held a mark while waiting for Shrub that said, "Support Our Troops. Remember Sept. 11, '01??"Sparks said he wanted to be on manus to demo support for Shrub and the warfare effort."I desire people to retrieve Sept. 11," he said. "We didn't begin that in New House Of York City."Carleen Hobson, a retired school bookkeeper from Jeffersonville, said she believes Shrub entered the warfare with good intelligence, and she said both Republicans and Democrats voted to come in the war. -- Associated Press

Earlier: Shrub on manner to talk to New Capital Of New York group LOUISVILLE, Ky. — President Shrub have arrived at the Louisville airdrome on his manner to talk before a concern grouping in New Albany, Indiana.

The president is to discourse the federal budget during the visit sought by One Southern Indiana, the economical development grouping for Floyd and William Clark counties.Bush have accused the bulk Democrats in United States Congress of failing to direct him delinquent appropriations measures because they've spent clip on less of import issues.Bush also traveled to New Capital Of New York in March, speaking at an simple school about renewing the federal No Child Left Behind Law.-- Louisville Courier-Journal

7:31 americium -- Against odds, concern grouping conveys Shrub to Indiana NEW ALBANY, Ind. -- President Shrub tax returns to southern Hoosier State today, thanks to a concern grouping that wanted to set down the greatest talker it could find.

One Southern Hoosier State invited the president to speak to its members respective calendar months ago, even though its leadership thought likelihood were slim. Shrub last visited in March, when he spoke at a New Capital Of New York simple school.

"We didn't believe we'd have got much of a shot at the president because he'd been here less than a twelvemonth ago," One Southern chief executive officer Michael Dalby said.

But White Person Person House staff contacted Dalby on Nov. Two and told him they accepted.

"They picked the clip and the date, and we just helped convey it all together," he said.

Bush will wing into Louisville, Ky., and then traverse the Buckeye State River to speak at The Grand, an old film house that was converted to a response hallway in New Albany.

The president is traveling the state to talk about the demand for United States Congress to go through "a fiscally responsible, pro-growth budget," White House spokesman Alex Conant have said.

One Southern Hoosier State is a concerted economical development council and chamber of commercialism for Floyd and William Clark counties. Dalby said he believes the focusing of his organization, which was founded last year, matched well with the president's topic.

The organisation invited its members to hear Shrub speak.

"We had 400 slots to fill," Dalby said. "We filled those in less than three hours time."

Dalby's grouping establish patrons willing to assist screen costs like providing backgrounds and television-quality lighting. It also establish space at The Thousand on short notice.

"Its difficult to state 'No' to the president," proprietor Tena Jonathan Edwards said. "We are honored that they asked us."

However, the presidential visit do for a feverish agenda there. Workers volition have got only hours after Shrub go forths to set up the room he utilizes for a 500-guest dinner Tuesday night.

"It's going to be a long day," Jonathan Edwards said.

This will be Bush's 3rd visit to southern Hoosier State since October 2006, when he attended a political campaign mass meeting in Sellersburg for former Republican U.S. Rep. Microphone Sodrel.-- Associated Press

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