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Reduce Violence Against Women by 90% Within 30 Days

Sometimes, when I hear certain news stories, I inquire how echt we are about substances that concern "other people." Take the issue of force against women: it is now a featured radiocommunication and telecasting talk-show topic, where echt and bogus people alike can parade behind serious issues. I watch "imitation actors/actresses" parade this issue in presence of photographic cameras as if they are competing for an Oscar. My low sentiment is that if we are really serious about eliminating force against women, we must travel to the chief roots.

Movies used to engage character-types: burly, spiritually and psychologically--disturbed work force to play the functions of women killers: not today. Over 90% of today's books have got the baker, the executive, the cab driver, and even the pantryman merchandising the thought that it is O.K to beat out up on the lone beingness in this full existence that tin manage "our chunks of baffled masses" called carnal-men.

For us men: if our monies are not flowing properly, we necessitate a few drinks. If the stock marketplace takes a pounding, we chain smoke, boot our dogs, get down a few brandies---glass and all---and those things still go forth us feeling unfulfilled. Enter that tenderly wrapped bundle of: psychologist, mother, friend, counselor, tension--absorber, and with just a soft touch, every Saddle Horse Mount Vesuvius in us dissipates. She can convey soothing, comfort, understanding, healing, discussion, and love in so many ways---some through things as simple as combing our hair. Most modern modern times her chief petition is to pass more than quality clip with her---listening, apprehension and remembering that occasionally, she desires to "Know' that she can come up to us, in her times of overwhelming. IT IS NOT Type A ONE manner STREET. Yes, the human race cannot make without us---we prophesy to all those, stupid adequate to believe our ego-induced mess, but: the human race is--the world will travel on, with or without us.

I am going to choler some of my friends with the adjacent few remarks, but I make not care. A adult female is so beautiful, and her magnetic attractive force is so powerful that "angels left their celestial abode" in chase of her beauty and grace. Of all the "zillions" of created beingnesses on earth, Supreme Being chose her to present the top gift to misdirected people. Iodine can say such as as fact, because in 1998, while in State Of Israel I had the most dramatic occult experience in the "Upper Room." That experience lets me to pray away the "curse' of poorness on thousands, healing for people with Aids, Sickle-Cell, and other so-called incurable diseases--with results, and without soliciting any money for God's gift. Additionally, "SHE can bash WITHOUT US, BUT WE CANNOT bash WITHOUT HER AND HER many ARTTRIBUTES." Go ahead; rupture up my vacation invitations; fire my gifts--I make not care: it is the truth.

Question for the Work Force First:

Don't look so surprised that I would include a inquiry for work force on the ladies forum. So you believe I am the lone adult male who analyzes the ladies forum? You might be surprised to cognize there are more than funny work force readers to your togs than you can even imagine. It is a Man thing: the "one-upmanship." My brothers: why in heaven's name make you watch the so-called perverted movies in the wee hours of the morning, when deviants not only make those things to our fully-absorbing comforters, but add the gory inside information afterwards as well? You believe that is kinky? Think again. As a professional "demon-caster-outer"--- fancy name for "exorcist" or rescue minister---evil liquor depend on two types of Negro spiritual nutrients for strengthening:

1. Blood spilled in any rite form--violation of Pentateuch laws.

2. Semen-spilled complete "altars of disobedience.

If you ask for adequate liquor of lust, murder, and kinkiness into your home, through the windows of your eyes, it might not take long for those same liquor to unlatch the presence door to your "holy of holies" to let the regular army of criminal conversation or force to destruct your marriage. Many work force who have got been "brain-watched' side looking at such, eventually will perpetrate such.

Bigger Question: will work force voluntarily buttonhole for the riddance of force at the chief beginning or recruiting center? NO-and One will explicate why later on in this article. I must take this chance to say, and Pb by example. "Before I got delivered and matured to the comprehensiveness of apprehension that we must seek rapport of spirit first (called personality), I, like most men, used physical and emotional persuasive techniques that I am ashamed of now. Judging from narratives I heard at my former nightclubs, many of my friends are in similar situations. We can sough compunction by saying so in actions, which talks louder than words. We can get to promote other work force to boycott all movies which have force against women, except cataclysmic, and war-related, where casualties make not discriminate. We must cut off the fiscal feet of the perpetrators---openly, not silently.

Question for the Ladies:

As a former cabaret owner, I am enshrined in the "Men's Hallway of Fame Confidential Club." Barbers, barmen and head-shrinkers only, can measure up for membership. Work Force are allowed to bare their hurts, pains, frustrations, and insecurities to us alone. Sorry: talking show hosts make not qualify, since many volition phase and dramatize their predicaments for the public. As a considered seasoned expert, since I am not allowed to let on the reasons, work force will not back up my proposal --unless women get the thrust first, and then we will leap on the bandwagon.

To my surprise, I wrote to a very popular talking show hostess with these proposals. It is possible that a male staff member did not like the proposal, or perhaps it is felt that evaluations for her show could be affected, or simply that they had set the electronic mail into their debris folder. However, did you cognize that if you have got a best merchandising book and you subscribe your name to a missive that supports or fightings a controversial issue, then it is impossible to stamp down the issue any longer? Well: that is the thought behind this article.

HIT THE perpetrators WHERE IT HURTS:

The film industry is a billion dollar industry. 70% of movie-goers are women. Ladies: Every film subliminally sells the thought that it is O.K to ache women. Why make you pay to see women-haters stalk you, maim you, discourtesy you, and worse yet---agree by you deafening silence that you are worthy of such as abuse? It have got to begin with your refusing to go to any film that portrays domestic or "recreational violence" against women. Next you must FORBID your children from supporting such as crap. For married ladies: make you retrieve Aristophanes' drama Lysistrata? Bash you retrieve how the Grecian women (circa 410 BC) got their work force to halt fighting? They were tired of their work force going off to warfare and returning hurt or dead. So: they closed the honey factory.

Television is harder to hurt, but retrieve that lone a little figure of movies are made specifically for television. The scheme for telecasting have to be different. Television depends on ratings. Sponsors pass money only on shows that are highly-rated. If people make not watch a program, patrons will not publicize on it. Got the picture? Begin to mobilise all the women in your workplace, in your societal clubs, in your gyms, in your political organisations and your motion will spread.

POLITICIANS hate TO be left OUT:

Politicians will not leap on this bandwagon immediately. Film Industry is one of the greatest subscribers to politicians' campaigns. However as soon as your political campaign gets making headlines, SWOOSH: they will leap on board like refugees "grasshopping" the last flight vessel. Since we love to copy what we see in the movies and on television, if we put these few programmes in motion, guaranteed: within 30 days, we will get to see major changes:

1. The message that it is not O.K volition get to vibrate over mass media houses and repeat valleys.

2. Once you get to touch Corporate America's underside line, alterations must take place.

3. It won't take long for legislative ears to point in this direction.

November is specifically put aside to name for the surcease of force against women. Let us make more than than talking and direct sound bites.

Basil C. Hill, radiocommunication host and V.P of U.N.I.A Antigua Chapter, an vocal cornet in the warfare against poverty, offers these encouraging words: "I have got decided to add my vocal instrument to any ensemble that orchestrates an end to violence: emotional, physical, and sexual against women."

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