Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weather Alert - Check Out the NOAA Weather Radio Service

Branded as the "Voice of NOAA's National Weather Service", the weather condition radiocommunication service of NOAA is a national populace service supplied to us by the National Eastern Malayo-Polynesian and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA of the U.S. Department of Commerce. It is a countrywide composite of radiocommunication stations propagating nonstop weather condition related information directly from the closest National Weather Service office. It transmits local weather condition condition conditions, administers agricultural and marine weather and counsel us of critical storms. There are in extra of 560 stations with 985 senders within the 50 states, neighboring coastal waters, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Pacific Ocean Territories. Most of the Continental states have got respective stations apparatus for exigency weather condition information. On your local weather condition station, you will happen relayed information relating to functionary Weather Service notices, forecasts, tickers and other jeopardy related information broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 years a week. The proclamations are on tape and they reiterate every five minutes, and updates take topographic point hourly.

NOAA runs on the high frequences between 162.40 megahertz to 162.55 MHz, so you will be not able to tune up in with your regular AM/FM radio. Instead, you necessitate to buy a particular receiving system capable of picking up signaling within the designated weather condition condition set or a dedicated receiving system that have weather set signaling exclusively. These radiocommunications are generally convenient and little and many of the radiocommunications currently on the marketplace today come up equipped with a warning receiving system built into them so that they automatically trip an dismay when NOAA denotes an at hand catastrophe or natural disaster.

While cooperating with the FCC Emergency Alert System, the NWR is designated as an All Hazards national broadcast media network, making it a exclusive provider for wide-range exigency and weather condition information. The system when used in concurrence with the Federal, State, or Local Emergency Management federal agencies as well as other populace officials, NWR can air post-event information and warnings for all nature of jeopardies including natural catastrophes such as as avalanches and earthquakes, oil spills and chemical releases, as well as 911 telephone set outages and amber alerts.

Broadcasts of NOAA take topographic point in the very high frequency populace service set at these seven frequences (MHz):








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