Thursday, December 13, 2007

US House passes defence spending bill

WASHINGTON: The United States House of
Representatives have passed a defence disbursement measure that would authorise USD 696
billion in military programmes, including USD 189 billion for Washington's
military trading operations in Republic Of Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill, which was
passed yesterday by an consentaneous ballot of 370 to 49, will most likely be taken up
for vote by the Senate this week, after which it will be sent to President
George Tungsten Shrub for sign language into law. "This is a strong measure for our
brave work force and women in uniform, for America's friends and allies around the
world, and our ain security," President of the House Committee on Foreign
Affairs, Uncle Tom Lantos said. The statute law includes 3.5 per cent pay
raise for military services personnel. The defence authorisation
follows the Pb of Lantos' bipartizan International Nuclear Fuel for Peace and
Nonproliferation Act which was passed by the House in June. It
designates USD 50 million to back up the constitution of an international
nuclear combustible depository financial institution under the protection of the International Atomic Energy Agency. "I am proud that the House have acted to do an international
nuclear combustible bank, which will assist make the human race safer by promoting nuclear
non-proliferation," Lantos said.

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